Captain Johnny, available for Charter Captain services aboard your vessel, has the responsibility of both caring for the clients aboard the boat and services as well as upkeep and maintaining the boat. Not only does Captain Johnny keep the boat well maintained and the clients safe and comfortable but Captain Johnny provides fishing opportunities and does his best to provide the clients with fish and excellent fishing experiences.




Captain Johnny has a good knowledge of the waters that he provides charter services on. Understanding the habits of the various species of fish as well as local, state and national fishing regulations and license requirements is also an important part of Captain Johnny's job. He prides himself on being able to advise clients and guests on the correct type of tackle and fishing techniques for the various sports fish helps to ensure the clients will have a wonderful experience.


Captain Johnny is an excellent communicator and is comfortable interacting and working with people.


  • Maintaining and repairing the fishing boat and the equipment needed for hosting fishing charters. This may include tackle, cabins, or even net fishing equipment.
  • Ensuring that the charter boat meets all safety regulations and ensuring that all emergency equipment is in good working order.
  • Training and overseeing staff on both procedures and protocols for working with clients on the boat.
  • Taking charter passengers and clients to the appropriate areas on the water to fish for the specific type of fish they want.
  • Being able to predict, with a reasonable return, where the fish will be biting at any time during the day.
  • Knowing and teaching others the various fishing methods used in the area that is being fished.